Business Meeting and Burn

Last night was a stated business meeting, followed by harmony at Burn.

A classy place for a classy bunch.

Normally we have harmony at the Seoul Club, but since it was election day in Korea, the club closed early. Burn is a real classy cigar bar in Itaewon on Kyungridan Road that we’re all rather fond of, so we decided to have harmony there.

I love the look and feel of Burn. It also smells amazing in there! The aroma just from the walk up to the 2nd floor is so inviting.

My good friend and brother Neil did his proficiency test for the 1st degree and passed with flying colors. We had met earlier in the day just to go over things.

Well done bro. Have a cigar.

We also signed and donated a copy of Freemasons for Dummies to the bar. If you’re ever there, look for it!

A great read for anyone interested in Freemasonry.

There’s nothing like a good cigar, a glass of scotch, chicken nuggets and a great group of brothers to enjoy it all with.

*drool* Hey! You're fogging up the glass!

Special thanks to our visitor Seung (hopefully not a vistor for much longer!) for supplying the chicken. It was real tasty.

RWM Pete leads us in one of many toasts.

Burn is a bit pricy, but definitely worth it when you have the dough to spend. Thank God I just got my overtime pay!

Romeo and Juliet with an 18 year old Macallan. Nice.

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