프리메이슨 – Information and myths about Freemasonry in both English and Korean

프리메이슨, 홍익인간! – Freemasonry and Korea’s motto (also translated into Korean)

Scottish Rite – Short overview of the appendant body

Order of the Eastern Star – A Masonic order for Master Masons and their female relatives

The Widow’s Sons – Masonic Riding Association

The Lewis – The term that refers to a son of a mason

Of Freemasons – America was Founded as an Inclusive Nation (PPT)

The History of Lodge Han Yang – Celebrating 105 years in Seoul, Korea

Masonic Study

Govern Yourselves Accordingly – Morals and Conduct (PDF)

Memory Work and Delivery – A Learning Compendium (PPT)

Regarding Brother Hall – An overview of Prince Hall Freemasonry (PPT, PDF)

Masons and Social Media -How we as Masons should conduct ourselves online

Brother Isaac and the Winding Stair – The Life of Sir Isaac Newton and the pursuit of truth

The Noahchite Legend – Before Hiram, there was Noah

On Adoniram – After Hiram, there was Adoniram

Universality Within the Rose Croix – The underlying themes of the chapter degrees

Crusty Ol’ Past Masters – A dialogue between two disengaged old masons

Masonic Humor – Various jokes and images regarding Freemasonry


Robert Burns – One of Freemasonry’s most celebrated poets

Harry S. Truman – The first U.S. president to be invested a 33º Scottish Rite Mason

Ernest T. Bethell – One of the founders of Lodge Han Yang at Seoul Foreign Cemetery

The McFarlane Tartan – The colors of Lodge Han Yang commemorate Bro. Alexander McFarlane

Masonic Memes

Disclaimer – Satirical Internet Memes relating to Freemasonry, NOT to be taken seriously.

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97 thoughts on “Education

  1. 시바 영어라 읽을수가없엉
    한국지부라면서 영어를왜적어놧어
    ㅋ한국말못알아먹겟네 ㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗ

    1. Not very well. Someday we’d like to have a lodge in Korean, as well as a Grand Lodge of Korea. We just need enough Koreans who are interested in starting a lodge of their own.

      1. Can i join here, the freemason in Korea, even if i am not very good at English?

      2. I would say that if you can read and understand English well then you can join. If not, there is also a ritual in Korean available for you to study if you join, so you can at least understand everything. Plus there are some brothers who also speak Korean to help you. A Korean recently asked me about starting his own lodge in Korean and I told him that he needed about 7 Koreans total in order to do that. Good luck to you.

      3. Hi, im a student age 15 in korea . the thing is i am interested in freemason. but you said i need to be rich…………
        and can i be protected by society?

      4. You don’t need to be rich to be a Freemason. There’s an initiation fee and and yearly subscription fee, but someone with a normal salary can afford it no problem. I myself am pretty poor and I’ve been a mason for over 10 years.

        I’m not sure what you mean when you say “protected by society.”

    1. One of the rules of Freemasonry is that as an organization we take no stance on politics or religion. That doesn’t mean we don’t have personal opinions, of course we do. But the idea that we don’t talk about religion or politics in lodge assembled allows us to have perfect harmony as a universal brotherhood under the fatherhood of God.

      1. 그렇군요.
        악마롯지 가 개입했다는 무시무시한 설계도가 인터넷에 있어서 혹시나 그랬습니다.

      2. I’m always amused at the notion that Freemasons are satanists. A real satanist would be offended by that statement. One of the cardinal teachings of satanism is to place oneself above all others. Of course this is incompatible with Freemasonry as we practice brotherly love, relief, charity and service to others.

    1. Please visit the “Lodges” page for contact information and they will try to help you as best as they can. Good luck and hope to meet you sometime.

  2. As far as i know, there is a number of rumor about Freemason in terms of conspiracy theory. Out of curiosity, just want to know what kind of activities or whatever are officially going on in the name of Freemason

    1. We try to teach good men how to be better men through brotherly love, relief, charity and service to others. We teach these things through mysterious symbols and rituals that are hundreds of years old.We always have guests at every meeting who are interested in learning more about us and who help us in supporting local charities as well.

  3. 피라밋 히란야등에대해 알아보다가 프리메이슨에 대해 좀 더 관심을 가지던중 연예인이나 유명인사들이 프리메이슨 소속이란것에 놀랐는데
    소녀시대나 여타 아이돌들의 회사 수장이 프리메이슨이며 가수들의 앨범이나 뮤직비디오 혹은 우리나라 뿐아닌 외국, 특히 레이디가가에게서 프리메이슨의 상징들이 많이 나오곤한다고 분석이 된다는데요. 프리메이슨에 가입하여 계속해서 상징을 표출하는 이유는 무엇입니까? 일반 개인이 프리메이슨가입후 반지를 끼고다닌다던지 프리메이슨회원이라고 한다던지 이런게 허용이 되며, 권리가 있는것입니까?

    1. Yes, I’ve heard about that conspiracy theory that the Freemasons control the music industry. Don’t worry, it’s not true. As for the symbol, we wear rings to remind ourselves how to act towards others and also so other Freemasons may know us.

  4. Does freemason want to build a one united nation? I’m interested in it, but my reply has gone. There’s any rule in writing reply?

    1. I’m sorry for the long reply, I am currently on vacation. The only rules for writing replies is that they must be approved but don’t worry, I don’t censor people. Only spammers.

      As for your original question, I am also aware of that conspiracy theory. Freemasons don’t want one united nation or anything like that. One of our goals is the attainment of the universal brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God. That doesn’t require one united nation.

  5. 항간에 떠도는 악마숭배설이나 세계정부수립등의 의혹하고는 아무관련이없는거네요?
    프리메이슨이 일루미나티하고 다른것이면 말씀하신 음악사업의 음모론은 일루미나티하고만 상관있는것이겠군요.
    근데 둘다 오래전부터있던 조직이기도하고 자꾸 엮이는 이유는 뭐라고 생각하십니까?
    그리고 어느블로그를보니 잘모르고 그냥 프리메이슨에 가입했다가 계급이올라갈수록 프리메이슨의 목적(?)을 알게되면서 경악한다던데..
    또 가입할때 무슨 의식을 치러야하나요? 초창기 중세때는 눈가리고 무릎꿇고 맹세를 하게 했다는데..

    1. I can’t speak for every lodge in the world, but I can tell you that regular Freemasons aren’t supposed to deal in religion or politics because everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. We could never force anyone to believe anything that they don’t want to. That is the reason Freemasonry has stood the test of time – because we draw our members from every race and every creed.- Koreans included.

      Some people join for the wrong reasons. They feel like it will help their careers or they will gain financial benefits. These are the people who are unaware of it’s true purpose, which is revealed at the lowest rank.

      Naturally there is a fee for joining, just as if you were to join the Korean Rotary or Korean Lion’s Club. These are administrative fees that also help pay for operation costs in running the lodge, and may go towards charity as well.

      Yes, the rituals are ancient. We are emulating the stone masons from ancient times who built King Solomon’s Temple and use their tools as symbols in teaching others about morality.

  6. 친절한답변 감사드립니다.

    그런데 우리나라에있는 lodge에서도 영어를 써야하나요?

    그리고 mason끼리 brotherhood를 추구한다면 해외에서 자신이 mason인걸 말하면 동질감을 느끼거나 친해지는데 수월하나요?

      1. Freemasonry has been persecuted for years, and will continue to be for years to come. It’s a shame but something we have all come to accept.

        The conspiracy theorists say that we are only helping ourselves when the true purpose of our organization is to help others.

        However, I am aware of this blog and I must say I am quite thankful to Esedae for telling Koreans about my website. Ever since, the traffic on my site has been considerably higher.

        I have always been objective in my writings and will continue to do so as it is my obligation as a Freemason to be honest and truthful. I will let the Korean people decide for themselves how they feel about Freemasonry.

    1. Unfortunately the only lodges in Korea at the moment are English speaking lodges. Personally I think this is a real shame, as we are constantly getting contacted by several Koreans wishing to learn more.

      Eventually we’d like to see a Korean speaking lodge, but it will take a long time to setup. After that, we might even be able to create a Grand Lodge of Korea. This is something a lot of brothers are talking about, but I believe the first step is to create a Korean speaking lodge.

      One of the benefits of being a Freemason is being able to travel and visit different lodges all over the world. You know that if you knock on the door of a lodge you will be welcomed with open arms. The chemistry that exists between brothers is a strong one, because they all share in the same beliefs of brotherly love, relief and truth.

  7. I want to know more about freemason and join. Im currently in US right now but I will be back in Korea soon. Please email me.

    1. If you can speak English you can join now, however there aren’t any Korean speaking lodges as of right now. I’m trying to change that but as I understand it will be a long and difficult process. I believe that all men, no matter what language they speak, should have the chance to become a Freemason.

    1. If you’re a male of 21 years of age who believes in a supreme being and of good moral character, then yes you can join. We do not discriminate. Freemasonry knows no race, creed or religion. One of the aims of the order is the attainment of the universal brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God.

  8. 안녕하세요. 제가 궁금해서 이 이야기를 해야될것같습니다.
    지금 인터넷을 통해 많은 이야기가 오가는데 혹시나해서 백룡회 라는 조직을 들으셨는지 묻고싶습니다. 그조직이 주장하기에 백룡회는 인류의 또다른 목적을 달성하기위해 제가 아는 바로는 고대잔당들이라는 표현을하고 지금 자금줄을 끊어 석유화학 을 늦추며 새로운 에너지를 사람들한테 알리겠다고 하는데요 그조직이 말하길 프리에너지 라고 말했습니다.
    이 기술이 외계인 한테서 얻은 기술이라고 하던데 더욱이 의문이드는게 아시아 에서 그나마 나은 정치랑 경제 문화를 하는 나라는 동아시아 에서 한국 일본 밖게 없는데 만약 이기술이 중국이라는 거대한 나라한테 전해진다면 21세기 나찌랑 비슷한 중국 정치체계가 인류한테 얼마나 공헌을 하신다고 보시는지요? 중국인에대해선 인터넷에 얼마나 사회적으로 타락했는지 글이 많이 올라오고있습니다. 그나마 중국 온건파들이 나은 정치를 하려고 노력하지만 강경파들은 확장욕심에 끊임없이 세계에 중국에대한 지배력을 과시하듯이 다른나라들을 위협하고 있는데요. 그런 나라가 과연 세계에 발전을 가져다주고 안정과 평화를 기대할수 있을지 의문이 듭니다. 그런데 백룡회라는 조직이 말하는 고대잔당이라는건 제가 유추해볼때 프리메이슨에서 따로 롯지를 차리고 있는 강경파 악마 숭배 집단 프리메이슨 롯지라고 알고있는데요 그조직이 말하길 악마숭배 집단 롯지 에대해서 자금줄을 끊고 있다는 소리 인것 같습니다.
    더욱이 의문이드는점은 실제로 백룡회라는 조직이 존재하는 건가요? 그냥 어떤이들이 장난인가요?

    1. I have never heard of this group until now. Looks like just another scam to get people’s money. It’s funny what people will believe. I used to read all the conspiracy theories, but I stopped because I was going crazy and people weren’t taking me seriously anymore. There are a lot of things in this world that most people don’t see, but in an age of technology and information wars you sometimes have to take a step back and be realistic about some things. I’m smarter about what I read now, and I know that things aren’t always as they appear – in mainstream media and independant sources. Prudence is a well known virtue of Freemasonry and by practicing it every day I have a better grip on reality and the world.

      1. 음모론이 아닙니다. 이들이 사용하는 숫자는 다른 비밀조직과 똑같이 888이라는 숫자를 주로 씁니다. 하여튼 이들은 공산주의 사회를 이루기위해 한국에서도 공산주의 정부를 세우기위해 반정부 시민단체를 이용해 사람들을 선동하는걸로 알고있습니다.
        혹시나해서 이들이 러시아 혁명떄 공산주의세계를 건설하려고 프리메이슨 롯지를 빌려 그렇게 망나니 짓을 펼친것이아닌지 궁금합니다.

      2. Luckily Masonic Lodges have safeguards in place to avoid people like that from entering our society. We have all sworn oaths that we would not be present at the initiation of mad men, fools or anyone who would take advantage of us for their own self gain. One of the lessons of Freemasonry is that if the highest qualities of men are misapplied to merely selfish or ambitious ends, they will bring to naught our loftier hopes and aspirations.

        I have stated many times that we are not a political organization so supporting a communist cause simply does not make sense. Especially in China, where the communist party bans Freemasonry.

        There are many societies and organizations out there that are lead by very charismatic people that simply scam you into giving your money to them with promises of happiness and other things.

        A fool and his money are soon parted.

        As per our laws, fools cannot be Freemasons.

      3. 한국에서도 활동을 하고있어서 물어본거였습니다
        글 감사합니다.

    1. Currently we are only accepting Koreans who can speak English, but I am planning on helping to establish a Korean speaking lodge in the future. When this plan is set in motion I will be posting updates about it, so please visit frequently to find out when it’s possible for Korean speakers to become Freemasons.

  9. 프리메이슨에 대한 소문이 많이 있는데
    정확히 프리메이슨에 대해 정의해주세요

    1. Simply put, Freemasonry is a system of morality veiled in secrecy and illustrated with symbolism. That is the official definition.

      To go further into it, Freemasonry is a cohesive body of philosophical thought that recognizes a generalized God concept but rejects a specific definition of God and faith. It emphasizes tolerance, respect for many religious traditions, and diversity of belief. It focuses on morality, progress, personal development, intellectual enlightenment, and communitarian values, but not on a specific religious belief. The Freemasons draw inspiration from the wisdom of the ages and from thinkers and writings from many cultures, both sacred and secular.

      Another simple way to put it is that we take good men and make them better.

  10. 프리메이슨이 하는일들과 가입조건이 궁금합니다.
    그리고 프리메이슨과 로스차일드와 연관이 있습니까, 또 일루미나티와도 연관이 있는지 궁금합니다

    1. Since the 19th century the Rothschild Family has had considerably less wealth and power, and they also have a history of taking religious and political stances which goes against one of the cardinal rules of Freemasonry.

      Although the Illuminati was modeled off the Freemasons, they only survived for about 10 years and also took religious and political stances.

      The reason Freemasonry has survived for 300 years is because we are free-thinkers who take no stance on either religion or politics. We openly accept members from every race and from every creed and draw wisdom from many international sources, both sacred and secular.

    1. Please visit the “Lodges” page for contact information and they will help you the best they can.

      Hope to meet you soon.

  11. 저기 저 프리메이슨이 매우 좋아서 그런데요.
    그렌드 마스터 (33)도까지 가고 싶어요 ㅜㅜ.
    가입 조건과 절차는 어떻게 되죠?
    Freemason good~

      1. It is possible to become a 33rd degree mason in Korea, although the ritual is in English and it would take several years as well.

    1. It’s called demitting. Lots of people demit for several reasons, which is fine. All you do is write a letter to the lodge explaining your reasons and stop paying your dues. We never force anyone to join or to stay, everyone is free to come and go as they please.

  12. Does the Lodges in Korea recognize Prince hall Mason? although rather strange question as I’ve begun my travel in M.E Sanders Military Lodge #32 of Colorado in Yongsan base. I’ve read the post about prince hall posted but didn’t find any information regarding which Grandliodge the Hanyang operates under and if that Grand Lodge recognizes Prince Hall masons to be brethren.

    1. never mind, found the answer, that it operates under Grand Lodge in Scotland, hmm do they recognzie Prince Hall as brethren?

      1. Scotland recognizes some Prince Hall, but not many. NY, MA, OH, ID, OR, MT.. I was able to affiliate with Prince Hall Massachusetts because Scotland recognizes them. Currently the District Grand Master for Washington Prince Hall is trying to get his jurisdiction recognized by Scotland.

      2. please disregard about one having to ‘ask’ portion as I do understand that both needs to be muturaly agreed with the recognition of each other which requires one to ask first…

    2. MacArthur Lodge, that meets in Yongsan, is under the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, which recognizes Prince Hall Washington.

      1. thanks for the reply, rather strange that each individual grand lodge would have to ‘ask’ to be recognized by Scotland Grand Lodge, would think Prince Hall affiliation would be good enough. but guess that’s politics. may I ask one more question now than does Scottish Rite recognize Scottish Rite Norther Jurisdiction of PHA?

      2. Thanks. so for Grand Lodge of Phillippines it currently only recognizes PH Grand Lodge of Washington state?

    3. Do apologize for the multiple questions. however for me Being a Korean, and an Prince Hall Freemason, I’m very much interested in well being of Freemason’s in Korea and to visit them when ever I get to Korea. although at this time. this won’t be happening as my Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Colorado does not have Fraternal Amity with each other. although if Scottish Rite side or Shrine recognizes Prince Hall Affliation that portion I may be able to visit.

      1. 가끔 끔직한 거를 볼때마다 신이 있을까 하는 생각을 하게됩니다.
        그리고 지나고보면 내가 끔직한경험을 했었구나 합니다.
        신때문에 죽은사람도 많지요 그런데 문뜩 신이없다고하면 이상하게 기분이 우울합니다. 이게 어떤사람들은 인간 DNA 구조 떄문이라고 하는데 지금내가보는 현실에선
        꿈이든 현실이든간에 왠지 인간이란건 복잡함때문에 서로 싸우는 거 아닌지 하는 생각이 듭니다.

      2. Human beings are pretty complex, yes. What’s even more complex is the nature of God and our relation to him. We can only ever understand partially in this life, but we can understand completely in the next life.

    1. Baphomet? That’s the goat version of the devil. You know, Satan. Originally created by the Vatican, accusing knights of worshiping Baphomet because they wanted all the knights arrested and killed for being too powerful. Later on in the 19th century people started making the devil look more like baphomet, with horns and a tail.

      1. So, do Freemason follow him(Baphomet)? if they so, wouldn’t be misunderstood by people that Freemason are satanism?

      2. Freemasons do not follow Baphomet. I can say this with certainty as I’ve been a Freemason for several years now. The Vatican creating Baphomet was just for the purpose of making people misunderstand that Templars were satanists.

      3. Oh, so you mean the Vatican did’t like knights because the knights were too powerful and they needed some excuse for oppressing the knights, so the excuse that the Vatican made to oppress them is the rumor that knights worships Baphomet the Satan? then, did the knights worship baphomet in reality or it was just a rumor and was not a truth?

        and then, what is the relation between the Vatican and Freemason, or the knights and Freemason?

      4. Well, after they lost the holy land in the crusades the Vatican didn’t see any reason for the Templars to exist, and this incredibly wealthy order became the target of naked greed. Aided by the Pope, King Philippe IV of France used trumped-up charges of heresy to destroy them (one of which was Baphomet). No derivation or explanation of the name Baphomet is known, and it is of uncertain providence.

        The Knights Templar actually spent their time influencing trade, banking, industry and building. They also shared the same concepts of brotherhood, loyalty, integrity, and service to others. After the suppression of their order, the Templar knights who escaped fled to different countries and seemed to disappear. However, the Templar traditions were kept alive and re-emerged with the development of Freemasonry.

        For years the Vatican denounced Freemasonry as well, which makes sense. The Vatican is a church that preaches that their way is the one true path to God. Freemasons accept that there is more than one path to God which is in direct conflict with the Vatican. However, you can’t really blame a church for saying that their doctrine is the only truth – that is what churches were created for in the first place.

      5. Finally, I think I got the point now.

        By the way, the reason I’ve asked you about the Baphomet is the picture in this page. The picture that Baphomet wearing Freemason clothes.

        Actually, I saw some argument that Freemason is satanist producing one of the evidence is this picture(at least, they think this is the obvious proof as i think). And not only the Baphomet picture, but also some of picture with goats make arguments.

        And I also think that this can easily make many arguments and misconstruction against Freemasonry. Maybe, you may have to concede it because there are many people who think Freemason is the group of Satan, and they have some logical reason that they claim Freemason is Satanism (Funnily, this Non-sense logical reason have a strong persuasive power to many people)

        As every one know, there are many canard: Freemason is the Shadow Government who control the world, Freemason is anti-Christian group which also means Satanism, and these are hurting Freemasonry. I don’t think it is good to cause misunderstanding of Freemason.

        If Freemason do not bother with what people saying or spreading a groundless rumor, then I also do not want to care about it. But, if it does, it would be good to concentrate some efforts to make cognition to Freemason better.

      6. Oh, the meme? That’s a joke. It’s making fun of conspiracy theorists. Masons know better than to believe in Baphomet, but to this day we still make fun of candidates telling them that they have to ride a goat. If you check the Masonic Humor page you will see lots of old cartoons with goats. They are all meant to be funny. We are comfortable with it because we know in our hearts we are not satanists and use it to poke fun at those who would think otherwise.

        Although it was the goat that got Masonry in trouble with those of Judea Christian beliefs, it also got the Odd-fellows, the Elks, and the Woodmen in trouble as well – who actually had mechanical goats. Even before those Judea-Christian beliefs came out, the goat represented youth, merriment, freedom and love among the Greeks. I posted about this before, and so I’ll just reiterate that I think it’s healthy to be able to poke fun at ourselves. Many people believe that we are a cult and that goats are satanic in nature. I think it’s much better to make “light” of something instead of getting so offended.

  13. I’m extremely interested in freemasonry, and I would like to know what freemasonry actually is, since most information in the web is full of conspiracies. Can you e-mail me a brief introduction about freemasonry? Thank you.

  14. Glad to leave a comment here. I’m 18 and wonder if age under 21 can join the Freemason. I read your ‘extensive research on Prince Hall Mason’ and found out that Prince Hall established ‘Knight of Pythagoras’ for children.

    1. Yes, that and the order of De Molay are masonic youth groups. To be an actual Freemason however, you need to be 21 years of age. The only exception is if your father was a mason or if you were a member of a masonic youth group, in which case you can join when you’re 18.

    1. In lots of other countries there is Freemasonry for females. Not in Korea though. Not yet, anyways. I’m sure someday there will be if there’s enough interested in it.

  15. GREETINGs~~
    I have recently sent a “membership inquiry email” to the following (
    Looking forward to meeting all the wonderful members in SEOUL.


  16. 안녕하세요 저는 종교와 내세에 대해 관심이 있는 한 청년입니다. 프리메이슨에 악의가 없는 사람임을 밝히며 몇가지 순수하고 진실된 질문을 드리고 싶습니다.

    1. 절대자(god)이라는 존재가 우주를 창조했나요?

    2. 가정불화같은 주변 환경적인 요인으로 범죄를 저지른 사람들은 사후세계로 갈 수 없나요? 만약 그들이 좋은부모와 친구들을 만났더라면 범죄를 저지르지 않았을것 같은데요

    3. 굳이 프리메이슨에 가입하지 않고 종교를 가지지않더라도 절대자의 존재를 믿고 도덕적인 인간이 되려고 노력한다면 사후세계로 갈수있나요?

    4. 도덕적인 인간이나 절대자의 존재를 믿지않거나 악의적인 생각을 가지고 있다면 그건 잘못된 것이고 사후세계로 갈 수 없나요?

    5. 사후세계는 천국과 같은곳인가요 아니면 다시 지구에서 환생하나요?

    6. 뇌를 다친 사람들은 정상적인 사고방식을 가질수 없는데 환생하고나면 어떻게되나요? 영원히 바보인 상태에서 살아야되는지

    1. 또 한가지 궁금한 점은 프리메이슨은 신의 뜻에따라 사람들을 올바른 길로 인도하려고하는 어린양을 이끄는 목자의 역할도 하나요?

      1. Freemasons are supposed to be pillars of the community. However, we don’t go around telling people that they should be Freemasons. That would imply that we’re a cult, and we’re not. We’re a fraternity that helps make good men better. Freemasons have a reputation for being beacons of light by the way they interact with their friends, family and co-workers in their every day lives. If you know someone is a Freemason, it means they are a trustworthy moral person. But we’re not in the business of saving people, or making bad people good. That’s what religion is for, and we’re not a religion.

    2. Hello,

      It seems as if all your questions are regarding the afterlife and religion. As someone who is representing Freemasonry, I cannot answer these questions. It is up for each person to find these answers by themselves. Freemasonry is not a religion and has no specific definition of God or the afterlife. It is merely a group where like-minded men can come together under the fatherhood of a generalized God concept to attain universal brotherhood. We don’t tell others what they should and shouldn’t believe. Far be it from us any such intention.

      Hope that clears things up for you.

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