The Widow’s Sons

Recently, the Widow’s Sons celebrated their 2nd Anniversary by having a ride and BBQ.

The Widows Sons R.A (Riding Association) is a Masonic Riding Association comprised of Freemasons. The purpose of the Widows Sons is to provide a social and fraternal outlet for Freemasons who ride and desire to socialize and travel the open roads with their Brethren. The requirements to be considered for membership are to be a Master Mason from a recognized Grand Lodge. The recognizing body used by Grand Chapter Korea is Grand Lodge of Scotland.

– The Widows Sons Korea Grand Chapter

The stone triangle or pyramid represents the 3 degrees in craft Masonry. The 3 points of the triangle represent the 3 Lesser Lights or 3 Burning Tapers which are a part of the furnishings of every Masonic Lodge.
The All-Seeing-Eye within the pyramid represents the watchfulness of the Great Architect of the Universe. It reminds us that we are always being watched or observed, and to therefore govern ourselves accordingly while in public, or while in the company of our brethren.
Within the points of the triangle are symbols representing 3 Officers Jewels; the Square, Plumb,and Level. These working tools are also representative of the 3 Lesser Lights and their Masonic interpretations.
The Rising Sun at the apex of the pyramid is representative of the fact that there are Masonic Lodges in all points of the globe. It can truly be said that “the sun never sets on Freemasonry”. The sun also represents the Worshipful Master of each Lodge, so the sun is positioned above the pinnacle of the pyramid and above the Square, or Masters Jewel.
The wings represent personal freedom and liberty which is an ideal Freemasons have embraced since the beginnings of our ancient and noble fraternity. Wings are also a symbol which is much embraced by those who enjoy sport motorcycling, and is used in many motorcycle related logos such as Harley Davidson, just to name one example.
The words “Meet on the level & Part upon the square” were added to remind our non-riding brethren that the Widows Sons are Masons above all, and we should be greeted and treated as such. It is our hope that this will help our brethren to overcome any prejudices or preconceptions they may have regarding those who ride motorcycles. The phrase also stimulates the curiosity of Non-Masons who see our logo and may cause them to inquire about its meaning. This allows us to respond about its Masonic nature and inform them about Freemasonry and our fraternity.

The term “Widow’s Son” refers to Hiram Abiff, the principal architect of King Solomon’s temple. In the book of Kings, he is described as the son of a widow from the tribe of Naphtali who was the son of a Tyrian bronze worker, sent for by Solomon to make furnishings and ornate decorations for the new temple.

Freemasons also refer to themselves as “Widow’s Sons”:

The Freemasons call themselves the widow’s sons, because, after the death of our respectable Master, the Freemasons took care of his mother, whose children they called themselves, because Adonhiram had always considered them as his Brethren. (Chapron, 1812)

Hiram Abiff,
the original widow’s son.

The ride was done as a memorial for Task Force Smith.

The Task Force Smith Memorial in Osan

On July 5, 1950 an American task force of 400 infantry men moved into Osan to delay the North Korean Army from advanding further South until more American troops could arrive. Named after its commander, Colonel Charles B. Smith, the task force was successful in warding off North Korean forces for several hours before retreating south.

We remember the sacrifices made by about 150 American soldiers that were either killed, wounded or went missing.

The Widow’s Sons pay their respects at the Task Force Smith Memorial in Osan.

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The Widows Sons – Korea Grand Chapter.

The Widows Sons – Nova Scotia Grand Chapter.


3 thoughts on “The Widow’s Sons

  1. Hey Bro, thanks for the post and attention. The video was interesting. We also had a historian at the site telling us a lot of details and a few riders had information to share about Task force smith. We heard of the heroism of a few soldiers holding off the advancing tanks and the underestimating of the Northern forces.

    Besides better equipment and being hardened guerrilla soldiers and more experienced the NORKS thought they would get support from south Koreans. The Americans that first went over were told the the invaders were basically a farmer army. The equipment they brought wasn’t good enough to damage the columns of tanks.

    Also the troops from Japan were basically on soft detail in Japan so were unprepared for prolonged fighting. I heard at the time the Americans belief was that air and navy power were enough so budget for land troops was slashed.

    Anyway the Invaders knew what they were doing but must have been shocked encountering foreign resistance and stopped for trophies after taking the position. Also the engagement besides any delay created made it clear that the UN was involved and the outsiders would get involved with more than words.

    I heard task force smith was often a term used in the military to say we have to train better and be prepared. The army used the encounter as an example of bad preparation but really the problem was bad intell or simply some people telling those in charge what they wanted to hear instead of what was true. ~ they said there was 3 million Chinese soldiers when in fact it was more like 30 million…

    I may have got a few facts mixed up but it was great to hear of the bravery and sacrifice these men made so far from home for what they believed in.

    On another topic, Widows Sons Korea was Chartered July 14, 2009. Membership is open to Master Masons recognized by the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of

    The Widows Sons International Masonic Motorcycle Association was founded in 1998 for the sole purpose of aiding and assisting widows.

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