Scotch and Cigar Night

Over the weekend we held a Scotch and Cigar Night at Burn In Hal in Itaewon.

There was a fine selection of scotch available, including some fine Cuban cigars.

  Dalwhinnie 15, Cragganmore 12, Lagavulin 16
and one Partagas Series D No. 4 Cuban Cigar.

This was a very swanky event, so we made sure to dress the part.

We had a speaker to give some reviews and education about the various scotches, he was extremely well-versed in the field.

Thanks for coming out and educating us, Dale.

Some door prizes were handed out to a few lucky people as well.

Congrats. I promise, you’ll definitely enjoy your prize.

We raised over a million won for the Give Out Love Orphanage, so I’m pleased to report that the charity event was a complete success.

Same time next year?

2 thoughts on “Scotch and Cigar Night

    1. I’m pretty sure the order was DCL, but I guess you could always ask the others. The Crag was definitely my favorite.

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