Installation Time of Year

Around this time of the year, a delegation from the District Grand Lodge of the Far East (Scottish Constitution) led by the District Grand Master comes to Korea to perform the installation ceremony of the 3 Scottish lodges on the peninsula.

Lodge Pusan #1675 had their installation on a Wednesday and my friend Doc Marty was installed as master. After the installation they enjoyed a nice banquet.

busan installation 3

On Thursday, the delegation flew back to Seoul and enjoyed some leisure time with the Brethren of Han Yang.

thurs 2

On Friday, we at Lodge Han Yang #1048 held our installation and had a great turnout even though it was a cold winter’s day.


Bro Dennis was installed as Master, Bro Derek as Senior Warden and myself as Junior Warden.

seoul installation 2

Later that evening, we had a great time at the banquet.


We awaited the arrival of the head table.

And had a presentation of the haggis.

There was also a presentation of Bro Dennis’ family.

After the meal, all the toasts, speeches and presentations were made.

We were lucky enough to have a band this year.

We also had a dance.

After which, we finished up with a lovely nitecap in the hospitality suite.

The next day, we went down to Pyeongtaek for the installation of Lodge Harry S. Truman #1727. Bro Rich was installed as master.

hst installation

Good luck to all 3 newly installed masters and all their office bearers for the ensuing year!


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