Ride, BBQ and Joint Degree

On June 22nd The Widow’s Sons, Lodge Harry S. Truman and Lodge Han Yang got together for a day of activities.

프레젠테이션1The day started off in the morning, with a Widow’s Sons meeting in the Keystone Lounge and then a ride.


Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious barbeque.

Before we proceeded with the lodge meeting, Bro Eric was invested with his Widow’s Sons vest.

Congrats Bro Eric on getting your cut..
I mean color… no wait..

We had a joint meeting between Lodge Harry S. Truman and Lodge Han Yang, and Bro Ken was passed to the degree of Fellowcraft.

Congrats Bro Ken.
Congrats Bro Ken.

Afterwards we went over to the Humphrey Ville Street Festival to hear Bro Jordan’s and Bro Chris’ band Old Hat play.

As always, a great time with great fellowship and harmony.



2 thoughts on “Ride, BBQ and Joint Degree

  1. definately a day of many shirts. Dennis has 3 different ones on and you and rod changed from Blue to baseball and Jim has a few different ones and Fester too. Funny and the amount of other articles coming on and off. nice to see it all together. Thanks for the write up. Above is the vest lecture ^^

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