Smoked Pig and Homebrew Thanksgiving

Lodge Harry S. Truman celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday by holding our annual dinner. This time we roasted a pig like we did last year, and in addition had a special treat in conjunction with the event. We successfully held the first-ever Korea Masonic Brew Meet (expats and nationals were also welcome to participate) on the same day.


We got a 100 lb pig that needed several hours to roast, so we started the night before. First we had to prep it for the roasting pit.

We spent a good 10 hours roasting that swine, and stayed up most the night doing so. It was a really fun time.

At around 1 p.m. the next day the guests came. There was plenty of roasted pig to go around, turkey, pie and homebrew as well.

What a great time had by all. Well done brethren.

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