When One Door Closes

The lodges here in Korea are pretty transient. It seems like whenever we get a new brother we lose another one. But that’s okay. You tend to meet a lot more people that way I suppose. Recently we lost one brother, Victor who has moved back to Spain.

But at the same time we voted in 3 new members for inititaion! Also Bro. Joshua got his 2nd degree. Always work on the trestleboard to be done!

All that work made me hungry. So we went to LA Burger for our General Committee meeting over the weekend. They have really big burgers. My hunger did not go unsatisfied, that’s for sure.



One thought on “When One Door Closes

  1. the Drag Queens of FagYang #1048. Love watching you guys on the go. You guys play two face so well, this Satanist is jealous at how well you live up to Satanic Virtue. All Hail Satan! wanna join the Temple of Set Pylon in Korea? Send me a message..you guys would fit right in! One of your members in those joke for lodges in Korea loves to hate me and what I represent. Tell him the war is on now that I’m stationed here again.

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