May Update

On May 10th, the Seoul Bodies Scottish Rite held their spring conferral. Eleven candidates received the Master of the Royal Secret Degree (32nd).


On May 11th, Elect Lady of the East Chapter #54 (OES) held a going away party for Sis. Jasmine and Bro. Brock.


On May 14th, Lodge Han Yang held a business meeting, followed by the usual harmony.


On May 16th & 17th, Elect Lady of the East Chapter sold cupcakes and chocolates for Christ’s Joy charities at HBC Fest. Over $500 was raised.

On May 18th, Lodge Han Yang held their annual Mother’s Day BBQ.

Han Yang Mothers Day BBQ 2014 (1)

On May 22nd, Truman Lodge had an off night Harmony with some great BBQ and a nice old game of Left-Right-Center.

On May 28th, Lodge Han Yang did courtesy work for Truman Lodge and passed Bro. Justin to the 2nd or Fellow Craft Degree.


On May 29th, Truman Lodge met for another Harmony to discuss and plan upcoming fundraisers and charities.

On May 31st, Truman Lodge cooked and sold pulled pork at the MATO Festival in Anjeong-ri.

Also on May 31st, Pusan Lodge held a 1st degree.


Actually there was a lot going on that day. MacArthur Lodge had a 2nd degree and potluck afterward.


Talk about a busy month. Good job to everyone for all the work they’ve been putting in.


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