1st Quarter Update


To kick off the new year, Bro. Stoney, Past Master of Lodge Harry S. Truman was in town visiting and presided over a meeting.

Bro. Kevin, Past Master of Lodge Han Yang, was on his way out of country and attended his final meeting.

Lodge Han Yang also visited Bro. Bob, who was in hospital.

The Prince Hall Masonic Bodies on Yongsan Garrison participated in the Martin Luther King March and Remembrance Ceremony.

Truman Lodge held a Fellow Craft Degree for Bro. Jason.

Rose of Sharon Chapter held a Royal Arch Degree for Comp. Chris.

Truman Lodge held their annual Rabbie Burns Dinner.

Han Yang held a Master Mason Degree for Bros. Mike and Jay, while the Master of II Corinthians Lodge visited along with others.


II Corinthians Lodge held a Fellow Craft Degree which was attended by their DDGM and also brethren from Lodge Han Yang, who were reciprocating the recent inter-visitation.

MacArthur Lodge held their installation of officers. Bro. Ken was installed as Worshipful Master.

J.C. LOGAN Consistory No. 114 received a thank-you gift from the young men of Seoul American High School’s Mentorship Program, for the donation presented to them at the Martin Luther King Ceremony.

I was visiting my parents in Nova Scotia during February so I had a chance to visit some bodies.

I attended a Mark Master Mason Degree held by The Hiram Chapter No. 3 on the Registry of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Nova Scotia.

I also had a chance to visit King Solomon Lodge No. 54 on the Registry of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia (G.L.N.S.), established in 1784.

I also attended a meeting at Valley Lodge No. 90, G.L.N.S. during an official D.D.G.M. visit.

The class from the Scottish Rite’s last conferral received their diplomas.

Prince Hall Washington’s Holy Royal Arch held a Red and White Ball for Valentine’s Day.

After what seemed like an eternity, Bro. Nate finally affiliated with Truman Lodge.

Lion of Judah Lodge No. 94 of District 10 PHA Washington presented New Korea Club owner Mrs. Kim with a new BBQ grill, to be used for club and lodge fundraisers.

The District 10 Shriners held a Desert Conference at Camp Henry.


II Corinthians held a Master Mason Degree for Bros. Maurice and Christopher.

Comp. Rob affiliated with Rose of Sharon Chapter.

Elect Lady of the East Chapter held a bake sale for charity.

The Widow’s Sons went on a ride up to Seoul.

The Scottish Rite held their installation of Officers. Bro. Carlos was installed as Venerable Master.

Truman Lodge held a Master Mason’s Degree for Bro. Jason.

Lodge Han Yang held a Fellow Craft Degree for Bros. Hoon, UG, and Bert.

Lodge Pusan held a Master Mason Degree for Bro. Sam.

Lion of Judah Lodge held a Master Mason Degree as well.


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