St Paddy’s Branding

Over the weekend the Widow’s Sons had a “branding ceremony”, in which they branded their cuts vests with the initials “WS”. Lodge Han Yang also had their annual St. Paddy’s Day Fundraiser, in which we raised over a million won for the Give Out Love Orphanage. Well done brethren.

Orphanage Spaghetti Feed

Yesterday The Widow’s Sons prepared a spaghetti lunch for the Song-Yuk Won Orphanage in Songtan. Candidates from Lodge Harry S. Truman came to help serve and cleanup. The orphans were hungry and delighted. The spaghetti was delicious. Well done everyone.

Christmas Harmony

For Christmas the Widow’s Sons delivered presents on behalf of Lodge Harry S. Truman to the Song-Yuk Won Orphanage in Songtan. They also presented each child with an envelope of money. Well done brethren. Later the same day Lodge Han Yang held a Christmas dinner and party in Gunja, Seoul. Christmas cheer was had by … More Christmas Harmony

Halloween Charity Fundraiser

On Thursday October 31st and Friday November 1st, Lodge Han Yang hit the streets of Itaewon, giving out candy and collecting donations for the Give Out Love Orphanage. We raised over 1.5 million won for the orphanage and had a lot of fun. Well done brethren.

St Paddy’s

Over the weekend Lodge Han Yang had its annual St Paddy’s Day fundraiser. We hit up the streets of Itaewon and gave away goodies while asking for donations for the Give Out Love Orphanage. We managed to raise over half a million won for the orphanage. As always, it was a lot of fun and … More St Paddy’s

Give Out Love

One of the charities the lodge supports is the “Give Out Love” Orphanage located in Nangok, a tough working-class neighborhood in Seoul. One thing that makes this orphanage so unique is that attached to the side of the building is a drop box for babies whose parents can’t take care of them. Pastor Lee, who … More Give Out Love