PM’s Table Lodge

This past Saturday we visited Harry S. Truman Lodge #1727 for a 3rd degree Past Master’s Lodge and a Table Lodge that followed.

Harry S. Truman Lodge #1727 on the Grand Rolls of Scotland. Located in Noyang-ri which is near Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

The day started fairly early. We eventually got to the lodge building after having a taxi driver drive us around in circles.

Well, now that we're all here..

The 3rd degree was for one of their brothers and they were also doing courtesy work for Tommy, who had been waiting patiently to finally get raised.

Bro Tommy goes over his memory work for the fellow craft proficiency.

Brian, the other brother, had already proved himself on the 2nd so he was fairly more relaxed.

Bros Tommy and Brian eagerly wait in the SE for lodge to open. It is a good day to die!

Once everyone arrived, the PMs started preparations to open the lodge.

Bro Kevin makes sure that everyone's phone is turned off right before lodge opens.

Being a Past Master’s lodge, only people who’ve sat in the East were allowed to bear offices and give lectures, so the rest of us relaxed and enjoyed the proceedings on the sidelines.

Take it easy bros, the PMs have this one taken care of.

I’ve been to that lodge room several times, for our own lodge and for Royal Arch, but this was my first actual visit to H.S.T. so I was presented in the West and was welcomed with a lodge pin.

H.S.T.'s pin on the left, and our pin on the right. Who says size really matters anyways? Oh right, about every other girl.

One of our RWM’s goals for this year was to connect more with the other lodges in Korea. So we opted for a traveling gavel and brought it to the PM’s lodge.

Nice box! Oh, and the case for the gavel is nice as well.

The gavel was presented to the RWM of H.S.T. and was well received. Hopefully it doesn’t stay in one place for too long!

RWM Jordan reluctantly accepts the traveling gavel from Bro Dennis.

After the presentation, Bro Tommy proved himself on the 2nd or fellow craft degree. Immediately we went to refreshment in order to prepare for the 3rd degree.

From labor to refreshment.

After a few drinks and smokes, everyone piled back into the lodge room to start the degree.

And back into labor.

We did a 3rd degree in H.S.T.’s lodge room back in January and I just have to say, when everything is put together the aesthetics are nothing short of mesmerizing.

Do I really need a caption here? The photo speaks for itself.

The PMs put on a great degree and the lectures were also well delivered.

Congratulations Bros Brian and Tommy. About freaking time!

Now that the PM’s lodge was finished, we could move on to the Table Lodge.

Practicing the drills for toasts.

One of the interesting things about a Table Lodge, is that you need to remember to keep your glass on a piece of tape which stretches the entire length of the table. If you move your glass off the tape, it means you want to address the Master.

Better than a line of Vegas Showgirls.

After getting enough practice in, It was finally time to eat.

Come and get it!

At long last, the labors being done nothing now remained but to stuff our faces, self-inebriate and feel fairly satisfied.

Them's some good Filipino vittles.

After dinner, RWM Pete gave a great lecture about the 3rd degree tracing board.

Hurry up Pete, we wanna go back to drinking.

After a great lecture, it was harmony time. So naturally out came the scotch.

Share much, Bro Jim?

And the cigars..

Bro Tommy enjoys a celebratory Monte Cristo, while EA Victor tries to sweet talk some newly obtained secrets out of him.

It was decided to vote on which lodge would be the next host and receive the traveling gavel. So there were 4 glasses for 4 lodges and whatever lodge received the most money in their glass would be the next host. Congratulations Pusan Lodge!

Careful you don't get your drink confused with the money there, Bro Jim.

We were also selling raffle tickets for our summer charity and managed to squeeze some Bros for money.

I don't know about you, but I'd love a big flat screen for my pad.

We even managed to get in a few rounds of some favorite games of ours.

The dice game. Feelin' lucky?

We also had a friendly game of poker, mixed in with some high-low.

We're either playing Hold'em or High/Low. Gotta tell you, High/Low is a great way to make back your money after losing it in Poker.

This was certainly a night to remember, and I’m sure everyone will be talking about it for weeks to come.

At that moment I honestly couldn't think of any other place that I would rather have been.

Big shout out to the photographer of the day, Bro Danilo. I always enjoy his photos.

Please don't leave Bro Dan. Well, you can leave but your camera stays.

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