Mardi Gras in May

On May 5th, A couple of friends and I attended the 2nd annual “Mardi Gras in May”, put on by the Order of the Eastern Star.

For this event we traveled to USAG Humphrey’s which isn’t too far outside Pyeongtaek.

Tommy D’s was the venue for the event. They have a great catering service.

The food was really great. I love mozza sticks but I don’t eat them often because they’re usually so expensive back home. I was on cloud nine when I saw they had a whole tray of them.

Derek and Jen enjoy wings and mozza sticks.

Being a Mardi Gras event, the theme was to wear the colors of green, purple and gold as well as masks.

Jen and Renee are two mighty fine looking gals!

For my costume, I went to Vin Prime, a thrift shop at Express Bus Terminal. The whole ensemble only cost me 30,000 won!

How you doin?

Being Eastern Star, of course everyone ripped up the dance floor.

Looking good girls!

There were so many classy outfits, and so many sassy ones as well.

Vicki, the WM and the rest of girls pose on the green carpet.

All in all, it was a good time had by all. Can’t wait till the next OES event!

Good times.

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