Trek to Busan

Last weekend a couple of Hanyang brethren and myself went down to Busan to make a visit to Pusan Lodge #1675 on the Rolls of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Maroon corduroy.. Well I never..

We took the KTX and met some other brothers at Busan station in the afternoon. From there we made our way to the lodge via subway and taxi.

Hot day..

When we reached the lodge, we partook in some pre-harmony while waiting for the other brethren to arrive.

I managed to sneak a peek at the lodge room before it was tyled. It’s nice that they can leave the lodge furnishings out when they’re not around. We always have to pack everything up after we finish.

Not too shabby!

We waited outside while the Pusan brethren opened lodge. Apparently they wanted to receive us within an official capacity as we were all first time visitors. It’s nice to feel special.

Hurry up Godot.

As first time visitors, we were each presented with a piece of lambskin with a masonic poem entitled “The Lamb Skin” which all the Pusan brethren signed the back of.

The Lamb Skin

It is not ornamental, the cost is not great,
There are other things far more useful, yet truly I state,
Tho of all my possessions, there’s none can compare,
With that white leathern apron, which all Masons wear. 

As a young lad I wondered just what it all meant,
When dad hustled around, and so much time was spent,
On shaving and dressing and looking just right,
Until mother would say: “It’s the Masons tonight.”

And some winter nights she said: “What makes you go,
Way up there tonight thru the sleet and the snow,
You see the same things every month of the year.”
Then dad would reply: “Yes, I know it, my dear.

Forty years I have seen the same things, it is true,
And though they are old, they always seem new,
For the hands that I clasp, and the friends that I greet,
Seem a little bit closer each time that we meet.”

Years later I stood at that very same door,
With good men and true who had entered before,
I knelt at the altar, and there I was taught
That virtue and honor can never be bought.

That the spotless white lambskin all Masons revere,
If worthily worn grows more precious each year,
That service to others brings blessings untold,
That man may be poor tho surrounded by gold.

I learned that true brotherhood flourishes there,
That enmities fade ‘neath the compass and square,
That wealth and position are all thrust aside,
As there on the level men meet and abide.

So, honor the lambskin, may it always remain
Forever unblemished, and free from all stain,
And when we are called to the Great Father’s love,
May we all take our place in the Lodge up above.

After which, we enjoyed a third degree followed by a a very fine harmony. The Pusan brethren were all very friendly and personable.

Excuse me sir, would you happen to have an extra cigar?

I hope I can visit Pusan Lodge again in the not too distant future, I had a pretty swell time there and I’d also like to get to know some of the brethren more. Also, I wouldn’t mind enjoying some time on the beach in Busan. Until next time.

Happy to meet. Sorry to part. Hoping to meet again.

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