Mac Picnic

This past weekend a picnic was held on Yongsan Garrison by MacArthur Lodge #183 of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Phillipines.

There were visitors from the Han Yang and Harry S. Truman lodges including friends and family.

There was more than enough food to go around. Everyone had their full and then some.

Let her rip!

There were some events as well. People enjoyed taking part in the potato sack race.

There was also a rocket competition that Bro Jim thoroughly enjoyed participating in.

The musical chairs competition was extremely funny, it came down to Brian and Jen..

And Jen won! Everyone who participated received a vintage portable radio from 1986.

Last but not least, no picnic is complete without a pinata full of sweet candy.

The Widow’s Sons were out with their bikes as well, not a bad day for a ride.

After the picnic, we all went out for a night cap at Burn in Hal.

It was a great event in all, and I can’t wait for next year’s picnic.

Big shout out to Bro Dennis for MC’ing and the brothers from MacArthur Lodge for hosting.


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