And I Shall Stablish

Last night we had a first degree. We meet in the Seoul Club, but since we use a shared room, we always have to setup the lodge furnishings and pack up when we’re finished.

The Cheesman Room at the Seoul Club where we hold regular meetings.

We keep all our furniture in a display case that’s in a corner of the room. Everything is organized in such a manner so that we always know where everything is.

… its several parts fitted with such exact nicety, that it had more the appearance of the handiwork of the Supreme Architect of the Universe than that of human hands.

I’m not sure what it is about setting up the lodge room, the idea of preparing a place where brothers can meet in peace and harmony. If I’ve had a rotten day, it usually has a calming effect. It allows me to assist in opening the lodge with a sense of humility and an open heart.

We have 3 VSLs on our alter. One for Christians, one for Buddhists and one for Taoists.

The degree went off without any hitches and afterwards we had a very nice harmony.

Everyone has to humor the elderly at some point..

After regular meetings, guests who are interested in becoming Freemasons come and join us at harmony.

Charlie, it was good to see you again after so long.

Congratulations to Brother Steve on his initiation!

Good job bro. Now please, study your obligation.

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