Prince Hall Mason

At a recent meeting something came in the mail for me from African Lodge #459 under the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free & Accepted Masons of Massachusetts.

African Lodge 022African Lodge 026

African Lodge #459 is the oldest Prince Hall lodge in the world, from Boston Massachusetts where Prince Hall himself was master.

Last year I wrote an article about Prince Hall Freemasonry and it got very positive reviews. You can find that article here. The printable pdf version is here.

Before opening my mail I proceeded to give a PowerPoint presentation giving an overview of Prince Hall Freemasonry. You can find those slides here.

I opened it and found a bicentennial medallion..

African Lodge 021 African Lodge 018

A copy of African Lodge’s original charter from the Premier Grand Lodge of England (which is the only original charter still in existence issued to any American lodge by the Grand Lodge of England)..

African Lodge 001

And a certificate of affiliation along with a dues card.

African Lodge 004African Lodge 010

I am now a full fledged Prince Hall Mason, “entitled to all the rights and privileges incumbent upon such membership”.


And rightly proud to be so.


2 thoughts on “Prince Hall Mason

    1. Well, you usually get raised in your mother lodge. Affiliating means joining another lodge as a Master Mason.

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