2nd Quarter Update

April There was a┬áMemorial Ceremony for Bro. Robert E. Ring, Past Master of MacArthur Lodge. His son and current Master of MacArthur, Ken gave the eulogy. It was Bro. Augusto’s final meeting at Lodge Han Yang. He affiliated with the lodge a few years ago, and has now returned to the Grand Lodge of Cuba. … More 2nd Quarter Update

4th Quarter Update

On October 6th, MacArthur Lodge held a Master Mason Degree for Bros. Pavao and Formosa. On October 10th, Elect Lady of the East Chapter helped with Yongsan Garrison’s Fall Festival Fun Run. On October 17th, the Widow’s Sons held their 6th annual Task Force Smith Memorial Ride. On October 24th, Lodge Pusan held an Entered … More 4th Quarter Update

Rep Your Org

On April 5th the State of Washington and Jurisdiction 40th Annual Far East District Session for the Order of Eastern Star hosted an event where people came out to represent their different organizations wearing their paraphernalia. The members of Han Yang came out wearing their polos. There was the usual good music playing with some … More Rep Your Org

Prince Hall Mason

At a recent meeting something came in the mail for me from African Lodge #459 under the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free & Accepted Masons of Massachusetts. African Lodge #459 is the oldest Prince Hall lodge in the world, from Boston Massachusetts where Prince Hall himself was master. Last year I wrote an … More Prince Hall Mason

Regarding Brother Hall

For the past few months I have done extensive research on the topic that is Prince Hall Freemasonry. Is it legitimate? Why doesn’t everyone recognize it? What barriers exist for visitation? These are all questions that, up until coming to Korea, had never crossed my mind. I was informed about Prince Hall on the night … More Regarding Brother Hall

ROK Yo Frat

There was an event on Yongsan Garrison Friday night for fraternities and sororities that are masonic in nature. RWM Pete and I caught wind of it just by chance a couple days before while we were driving to McDonald’s and this woman was on the radio was advertising it. The event was put on by … More ROK Yo Frat