2nd Quarter Update


There was a Memorial Ceremony for Bro. Robert E. Ring, Past Master of MacArthur Lodge. His son and current Master of MacArthur, Ken gave the eulogy.

It was Bro. Augusto’s final meeting at Lodge Han Yang. He affiliated with the lodge a few years ago, and has now returned to the Grand Lodge of Cuba.

The District 10 Scottish Rite held their Palm Sunday observance.

Pusan Lodge held a Master Mason Degree for Bro. Joe.

Under the direction of a local charity group, Pusan Lodge also visited several retired and elderly citizens’ houses to provide required maintenance services for them.

Lodge Han Yang held an Entered Apprentice Degree for Bros. Remi, Georges, and Jacob.

Truman Lodge did a Mark Master Mason Degree for Bros. Nate and Jason.

The District 10 Shriners hosted one of their annual events on post.

The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Washington held their annual Far East District Session in Okinawa, where District 10 was in full attendance.


Truman Lodge held a Fellow Craft degree for Bro. Gary.

Truman also held their annual Cinco de Mayo event.

Louis R. Solomon #112 and Lion of Judah #94 held a joint Master Mason degree.

The Seoul Bodies Scottish Rite held their spring reunion and conferral.

Lion of Judah hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch.

Truman Lodge held a Fellow Craft Degree for Bro. Jameson.

Lion of Judah also supported the Army Field Support Battalion’s Family Day.

Han Yang held their annual Mother’s Day BBQ

Han Yang held a Master Mason degree for Bro. Hoon, and also welcomed Bro. Simon Emilenelech, PM of Lodge Solomons Pillars #59, Eilet, Israel.

Pusan Lodge said farewell to Bro. Sam, and welcomed the Stark Brothers. Bro. Charles also returned to the lodge after 15 years.


Truman Lodge held a Master Mason Degree for Bros. Gary and Jameson.

Rose of Sharon Chapter held an acknowledgement and exaltation for Comps. Jason, Ben, and Ken.

Visiting Comp. Rob from the English Constitution also attended the meeting. Unfortunately he could not attend the Mark Affiliation and Excellent Master portions, since English Chapters do not work those degrees. But after taking a heling obligation not to reveal the passing of the veils, he was able to attend the Royal Arch degree.

Lodge Han Yang made their annual visit to Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery.

Seoul Shrine Club presented a scholarship check to SAHS graduate Juliann Patarini, winner of their essay competition.

The Widow’s Sons had a mini reunion at the lodge building in Pyeongtaek.

Guiding Light #95 held a Master Mason Degree for Bro. Doug and company.

The Seoul Bodies Scottish Rite held an education meeting.

Truman Lodge had a going away party for Bros. Harold and Ben.

Lion of Judah hosted a Father’s Day brunch.

Pusan Korea Lodge held an Entered Apprentice Degree.

And I also had a chance to present the traveling gavel to the Master of the lodge.


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