August Update

On August 9th, Lodge Han Yang held a General Committee Meeting at JR Southern Style BBQ to plan for the upcoming installation in September.


On August 16th,  The Widow’s Sons held a ride and meeting at Gecko’s.


On August 23rd, Pusan Lodge held a 2nd degree.


And on August 27th, Lodge Han Yang held a 2nd degree for Bros. Kyle and Sangmin. Congratulations.

Also, Lodge Han Yang heard tell of a brave young boy in Ohio and wanted to show their support for him:

Bro. Dennis – Michelle and I went to high school together. This is a great story about her son and I was so humbled to be able to share it with the Brethren of my Masonic Lodge, Lodge Han Yang #1048 S.C.. As a retired police officer, there are not many times in ones career that you get to make the “Good News” phone call to a mother or father. Normally I would say job well done little man, but these were not the actions of a little man, they were of a true man that can hold his head high, knowing that he has done the hard right over the easy wrong.

Michelle – Stew asked if he could go to the park with his two friends which are brothers and I said yes. 30 minutes later I get a call from the Kettering Police Dept. “This is The Kettering police Department, Can I speak to Michelle Fisher Please?” This is her. “Are you the mother of Stewart Cox?” My heart sinks to my stomach! “Yes I am.” Officer, “I am just calling to let you know Stew is fine and not in any trouble. However his friend is sitting here in in my cruiser in hand cuffs! He is being arrested for Vandalism, Destruction of Government Property and disrespecting an officer. His friends mother wanted me to call you and let you know that she had to go back to work and couldn’t call you herself, but Stew was not involved in this at all! Stew is on his way back home on his bike and will fill you in! I, his friends mother and the witnesses just wanted to let you know that Stew did everything he could to stop his friend. And you should be proud of him!” 10 minutes later his friends mom calls me and says the same thing the officer just said. She said she also told Stew that he is welcome to hang out with her other son anytime but the oldest one will do nothing but get him into trouble. He has been unbearable the past couple months.” Proud of my Stew but also saddened for his friends mother. They are such a sweet family.



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